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Let me direct you to a wonderful yet disturbing music video from 2001..

It’s from British electronic dance sensation Basement Jaxx ‘Where’s your head at?’

An unsuspecting chap is taken to some laboratory, destination unknown, where he is witness to experiments of monkeys playing music, with human faces superimposed onto the monkeys. Worth watching!

I saw this the other day imagining myself as this unsuspecting chap being taken to UEFA headquarters in Nyon, ‘Where’s your head at’ pounding in my mind!

Whilst it is widely recognised that the proverbial horse has bolted in terms of controlling football there has been some attempts in recent years of addressing serious issues with the much heralded yet seemingly lame proposal of Financial Fair Play (FFP), a much disputed approach at trying to level the playing field. Those that find themselves outside of the elite group claim it will simply be a case of the strong getting stronger whereas the elite, seemingly don’t care!

UEFA - We care about football: General Secretary Gianni Infantino and President Michel Platini

UEFA General Secretary Gianni Infantino and President Michel Platini

This window specifically, has seen club rear up as one with 2 fingers and a giant raspberry aimed Michel Platini and his chums over in Switzerland. Monaco, Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City have all spent to date around the £100 million mark, Real Madrid, at time of writing, are apparently set to break the transfer record, again, this time for a Welshman of all people, and this is simply scratching the surface.

How have UEFA reacted in the light of such defiant opposition you ask??? Well they haven’t! Forbes 2013 list of the worlds most valuable clubs has Spurs at £343m, yet Real see Gareth Bale as worth a third of the entire club? Would it not be easier just to buy the North London outfit than deal with Levy over a player! Bonkers proposition I agree, but how long till we see clubs bought purely for players or other nefarious reasons??

Lets look some more at Real! A piece in the Guardian from 2010 stated their debt was at around £595m, and this is despite selling their training ground to the council in 2001 for £389m (seriously??) wiping at debts at the time of £242m. When the likes of Kaka and Ronaldo all signed in a window for £225m Perez borrowed £131m from two of his friends who happy to run banks!

I’m no Spurs fan, but I can recognise that Tottenham Hotspur are a well run club and financially sound, building what is looking like a very strong squad capable of challenging on several fronts in the coming season and beyond yet are essentially being bullied privately and publicly (Any action taken against Real Madrid for their employees talking about Bale in public?? Of course not) and losing their star man for an amount of money that eclipses the money worries of Coventry, Hearts, Portsmouth and so on, combined.


How are you going to address a situation in which a club so heavily in debt can smash the transfer record to take a star player from a properly run club?

How are you going to address a club who’s average home attendance last season was 5,841 spending over 100m on players?

How are you going to prevent clubs being run into non-existence, or crown courts?

UEFA, do you actually remember what this is all about?
FOOTBALL, one of the most popular sports on the planet due to its simplicity and low cost of participating, jumpers for goalposts and all that!

Hey as long as your balances are continually added to who cares about Joe and Joanne Bloggs who go week in week out!

Post written by Tim Williams
Twitter: @timdibs

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One Response to “UEFA – Where’s your head at?”

  1. Kimi N. August 2nd 2013 at 3:59 PM #

    Very logical, very sound. Took me a minute to think of “a club who’s average home attendance last season was 5,841 spending over 100m on players?”