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Most football fans try not to think too hard about season ticket prices.

We know that, if we tried to justify the expense involved, sometimes hundreds or even thousands of pounds — we’d never go through with it. On any logical grounds, common sense would get the better of us.

We’d say, “I’ll just watch on TV this year.” But, of course, following your team is based on an emotional belonging rather than any logical decision. Clubs know this and use this to their advantage.

Although many clubs have frozen their season ticket prices, the general trend is still up. On the back of its first league title since 1967/68, Manchester City have raised prices by a whopping 9%.
And the range of prices is remarkable. For instance, Aston Villa fans picked up an early-bird season ticket for £295; over at the Emirates Stadium top price is £1,955). See our Guide to 2012/13 Premier League season ticket prices

The madness of being a supporter

Being a football supporter is a bit like being a drug addict. You will do things that ‘normal’ people just shake their heads at.


Fans will postpone their wedding because your team is in the FA Cup Final and use the following justification: “I had to postpone… I’ve been a life-long Stoke City fan and had only known my fiance for three years.” It’s hard to argue with such razor-sharp logic.

Einstein’s definition of madness


applies well to us football fans. We go to the game week after week expecting a different result… only to be disappointed. It is a sort of insane hope that our team will win the League, the Cup or Promotion; yet those glories are shared by very few. But maybe next week will be different… And, when you’re team DOES win, the euphoria makes you forget all the pain that has gone before.

Blood is thicker than water

There are few human bonds closer than tribal loyalty. And clubs know that loyal supporters will go far beyond the call of duty for the tribe. Football tribes used to criss-cross the country in coaches, van and cars in their thousands every Saturday. Even now, with games every night of the week, the tribes are still on the move, high on emotion and hope, travelling great distances to perform the ancient rituals of singing, dancing, howling and screaming at the b*****d in the black.

Yet things are changing. In these cash-strapped times, even the most zealous football nut is thinking twice about committing to season tickets. Some pretty hard choices are being made. People are looking at the big picture and deciding to cherry-pick a few games both home and away.

Going to fewer games makes each trip an even more special, especially away games, because travelling to follow the team is a proper day out. Chances are you’ll go in a group, so there is more to plan, definitely more excitement, and also the potential for more to go wrong.

Here’s how to get the most from your travels

We’ve been to hundreds of away games and and know what can make or break a day on the road with your team. And that’s why we developed MatchDayApp: to give fans the most affordable, trouble-free and enjoyable football day.

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