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The summer months are known as the silly season in journalistic circles because of the lack of any printable news.

Although the nonstop schedule of football has now been replaced by cricket, athletics and tennis, thankfully there is still plenty for football fans to read about. The hacks just make up unfounded rubbish about the latest football transfer gossip, usually based on some fanciful story told at the end of the night by a bloke down the pub.

The internet has only made this worse. Journalists are now prompted to write their copy according to the latest search terms that are trending. Hence why the stories about Wesley Sneijder to Manchester United carried on long after the deal had been quashed – the writers knew that people were searching for “Wesley Sneijder to Manchester United” and wanted to capitalise on the traffic.

Without resorting to such underhand tricks we want to give you the best football transfer gossip, only the most realistic deals based on dedicated sleuthing and the word of those in the know. So without further ado here’s the top 5 transfer rumours for 2012/13.

Eden Hazard football transfer

Eden Hazard to Chelsea

It seems certain that one of the financial powerhouses of English football will snap up Eden Hazard this summer.

Right now Chelsea are the favourites, but according to his agent he has agreed terms with Manchester City and Manchester United as well. Hazard is a tricky midfielder in the Ronaldinho mode – expect him to be bewitching a defence near you soon.

Robin van Persie to Manchester City

Robin van Persie football transferSurely it’s inconceivable that a man who scored 30 goals would want to stay in a team that has failed to win a major trophy for the last seven years. There’s not a team in Europe that wouldn’t want ‘Van the Man’ the way he’s been playing this season, finding space quicker than a Russian satellite.

A major plus for Arsenal is the fact that his family are settled in London. Whether a player reaching the twilight of his career will be able to resist the huge sums lavished by Sheik Mansour is quite another matter.

Pablo Zabaleta, Gareth Bale, David Luiz to Barcelona

Barcelona will certainly look to improve their attack with the likes of van Persie if possible, but so far they have shown an interest in the most glamorous defenders in the premiership. Pablo Zabaleta had a cracking season for Manchester City, keeping Micah Richards out of the team, and David Luiz finally began to show that he’s no Sideshow Bob on the field. But the one Barca really want is Gareth Bale after seeing the powerful Welshman surge forward and destroy Inter at will in the Champions league 2010-11 season.

Barcelona transfers

Joe Cole to West Ham

While many have dismissed the notion of this football transfer as romantic tosh, there couldn’t be a better fit than Joe Cole to West Ham. Lets not forget that the Hammers helped establish Joe Cole’s career, which then flickered brightly during his Chelsea days, before he made a meteoric fall to earth with poor performances at Liverpool. Being sent off after just 45 minutes in his debut wasn’t a good start and Liverpool later loaned him out to Lille. With West Ham also recovering from their fall from grace to return to the Premier League, this could be a great deal for both player and club.

Wesley Sneijder to Manchester United

Wesley Sneijder to Manchester UnitedOk we lied, but for the right reasons. The truth is Paul Scholes cannot keep rescuing a Manchester United team that looks weak in midfied and there is no better readymade replacement than the Dutchman.

Sneijder has the class, touch and vision to be a United legend as great as Van der Sar, Stam and Van Nistelrooy before him. If Fergie fails to get the cash necessary to buy some big names this summer, top four football is going to be a challenge let alone the title. And Sneijder fits the bill perfectly to reinvigorate Manchester United.

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