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Premier League clubs continuing to lower ticket prices

BBC Sport’s most recent Price of Football study has revealed there has been some reduction in the cost of a match day ticket across the Premier League.

The 2016-17 season has seen a 33% price reduction across all tickets, while 53% of tickets remain the same price as last season. (more…)


Mobilising against modern football

Times are tough.

The world continues to reel from the worst financial crisis since the 1930s and more and more people are struggling to make ends meet. (more…)


The sad and sorry state of affairs for a matchday football fan

Matt Boosey takes a look at the grim reality of football ticket prices

.. and analyses what specific costs are involved for his two respective clubs. (more…)


How Jean-Marc Bosman changed football as we know it

What actually happened?

In the past, players were far more restricted by their contracts. If a player’s contract was running out and he wanted to leave the club, it still counted for nothing unless his club agreed to a transfer; if they didn’t, the contract would continue to run past its end date and the player would remain at the club. (more…)


Return of the Coventry City feel-good factor

Coventry City fans are currently experiencing a new emotion, seldom felt round these parts in recent years.

They are actually looking forward to match days. After years when even mediocrity would have been an achievement, going to games is no longer a chore but something to relish. (more…)


“Tickets for the game, buy or sell, tickets for the game”

How much do you spend when you go to watch football? Traditionally this has been a fairly simple calculation that you can do right at the beginning of the season when ticket prices and bandings are announced.

Depending on who you support, you know in advance whether your ticket will be £20, £30 or £40. But of course money is tight at the moment. (more…)


Derby County: Attendances continue to slip at Pride Park

Up and down the country football league clubs are seeing their attendances drop. Derby County is no exception.

When BBC Sport released their ‘Price of football’ survey last month it concluded that attendances are slipping due to high prices, not only of the match ticket (or season ticket) itself but the day out as a whole. (more…)


Is La Liga the best league in the world?

It’s an age-old argument: which is the best league in the world?

Everyone has an opinion; but will we ever get a final decision? I highly doubt it… but here’s my analysis of my favourite leagues, the Premier League and La Liga. (more…)


The great season ticket dilemma

Most football fans try not to think too hard about season ticket prices.

We know that, if we tried to justify the expense involved, sometimes hundreds or even thousands of pounds — we’d never go through with it. On any logical grounds, common sense would get the better of us. (more…)