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The real issues behind Chelsea’s dramatic malaise

Thousands of column inches have been written in the past weeks.

Trying to find the specific reason for the malaise at Chelsea. (more…)


Exclusive football

It’s fantastic to see the growing volume of 3G pitches appearing in what the FA describe as urban areas.

This is all part of Greg Dyke’s England Commission where he has committed to increasing the amount of artificial pitches by 130% to more than 500 by 2020. (more…)


Are foreign players detrimental to the English game?

Gone are the days where English players were the majority in the Barclays Premier League.

And, as a result of this, people would argue that this has had a detrimental effect upon the national team. And I believe it has. (more…)


Southampton: A blueprint for footballing success

There’s only a few days left of the transfer window.

But whilst all other managers are running around trying to get deals done, Mauricio Pochettino is sitting at home with his feet-up, safe in the knowledge that his squad is ready for the coming campaign. (more…)


Roy Hodgson, a good choice?

It’s often said that British coaches and managers don’t go abroad and experience different cultures in the game.

Not permanent moves, just a temporary one even for a few weeks. (more…)


English players don’t travel

It is well known, and widely accepted, that England’s brightest young prospects are quickly snapped up from their local parks and placed straight into top academies.

Here, they are nurtured and moulded until they are ready for first team football. But why don’t we see any foreign scouts at our local Sunday league matches to rival any interest from English clubs? (more…)


England squad – time to try something different?

I find it absolutely beyond ridiculous, to the point of questioning my own sanity.

As to why nobody wants to seriously tackle the issue of how the England squad is picked. (more…)

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A transfer deadline day to forget for Blackburn Rovers

Blackburn Rovers had a transfer deadline day to forget ..

They failed to submit the paperwork for DJ Campbell and Jerome Thomas to the FA in time. (more…)


Advertising boards: an accident waiting to happen?

This could be my most outspoken idea yet, but isn’t it time we got rid of advertising boards?

I don’t mean ‘get rid of’ in the sense that no advertising should take place, but in a modern age where those crazy optical illusion things can be easily painted on touchlines, why not make them the norm instead of a novelty? I haven’t just run out of things to write about, nor am I trying to be awkward, and if you’re about to warn me against fixing things that aren’t broken then you’ve obviously never heard the story of Hrvoje Custic… (more…)


Top 10 worst Premier League signings

Over the last 20 years the Premier League has seen the arrival of many players. For every good player we have seen there has been a bad player to even it out.

We have seen some big money spent over the years and some of it has been spent on disastrous transfers. These players are the ones that I think belong in the top 10 worst Premier League signings of all time. (more…)