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How grassroots football could be affected by new Premier League TV deal

It’s no revelation that football has become a money-oriented machine since the Premier League’s inception back in 1992.

This priority shift has seeped through from the top to the very bottom of the pool, helping create a wider gap between the elite and grassroots teams. (more…)


Football – The (not so) beautiful game

For those, like myself, who have grown up accustom to the concept of football and finance going hand-in-hand.

You may have somebody in your life that resembles my father. (more…)


The bigger picture – Part 1: Referees

Welcome to a multi-part series which will discuss the bigger topics which are occurring in the Premier League and football as a whole.

In this very first episode we will discuss the sharp decline of the quality of officiating in this season’s Premier League and steps that can be implemented to improve the standard of refereeing. (more…)


Has the Premier League ruined English football?

Transfer deadline day once again saw the now common influx of international stars making the jump to the glitz and glamour of the self-styled ‘best league in the world’.

The likes of Radamel Falcao, Cesc Fabregas and Alexis Sanchez will only help to generate more and more revenue, strengthening the global juggernaut of the Premier League. (more…)


TV money leaves no room for the working class fan

On Monday night Arsenal faced Newcastle at the Emirates, an eight o’clock kick off live on Sky TV.

A 560-mile round trip awaited the Geordies, with 2000 of them making the trip. (more…)


Merseyside: We’ve been expecting you

Their fans are often criticised for talking about their illustrious histories too much..

But Merseyside’s big two clubs are both on the brink of giving their loyal support something new to shout about. (more…)


Owners with a lonely heart

It’s summer in the late 1990’s and I’m at an open day at Coventry City’s then stadium, Highfield Road.

The club are living the dream as the Premiership takes off and football is ridding its image of sport of hooligan’s to the new lifestyle choice of a more upwardly mobile clientele. (more…)


Liverpool: Centre-back, anyone?

An entirely unrecognisable summer for Liverpool, followed by an even more unfamiliar beginning to the 2013/14 campaign.

For once, we’re not running around putting out fires and plugging holes in the the ship’s hull. For once, we’re actually sailing true. (more…)


Has player power gone too far? Who dictates modern day transfers?

In many respects football is a world and a law unto itself.

There is no better example of this than the corrupt and murky realm that is the transfer window. (more…)


It will be a great shame if Wigan Athletic are relegated

In my eyes it’s undeniable that Wigan Athletic are the subtle piece of the Barclay’s Premier League jigsaw.

They exemplify the division’s wonderfully diverse array of teams and talents, whilst offering rosy originality and their own identifiable footballing heroism. (more…)


Dodgy football lookalikes: Volume 1

So we’re fast approaching the business end of the 2012/13 season, where has the time gone?

Nerves will soon rattle and fingernails be bitten during what has become affectionately known as ‘squeaky-bum time’. (more…)


Return of the Coventry City feel-good factor

Coventry City fans are currently experiencing a new emotion, seldom felt round these parts in recent years.

They are actually looking forward to match days. After years when even mediocrity would have been an achievement, going to games is no longer a chore but something to relish. (more…)


Coming soon: A big screen near you

Mid-table League Two outfit Torquay United will unveil Plainmoor’s new “big screen” this weekend in the Devon derby clash with Exeter City

.. and its success could influence the future monetisation of England’s lower leagues. (more…)


Is La Liga the best league in the world?

It’s an age-old argument: which is the best league in the world?

Everyone has an opinion; but will we ever get a final decision? I highly doubt it… but here’s my analysis of my favourite leagues, the Premier League and La Liga. (more…)


Newcastle United: Statistical look at the rise and fall (and rise again)

It is fair to say that Newcastle United have had their fair share of ups and downs.

From the highs of winning promotion to the Premier League in the 1992/1993 season, to losing 2-1 to Scunthorpe United in the Championship and everything in-between. (more…)