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It’s an age-old argument: which is the best league in the world?

Everyone has an opinion; but will we ever get a final decision? I highly doubt it… but here’s my analysis of my favourite leagues, the Premier League and La Liga.

Premier League

Roberto Mancini and Carlos Tevez Manchester City ChampionsThe Premier League is arguably the most competitive league in Europe. There’s regularly an upset where a so called “lesser” team gives a “big” team a run for their money.

Remember how, at the beginning of this season, Southampton were beating the Premier League Champions, Manchester City 2-1, at the Etihad Stadium? Saints actually ended up getting beat 3-2, but it just shows the attacking mentality of the league.

The Premier League may be becoming an all Manchester affair… but is that a bad thing? Certainly for the other big clubs in the league, I think so. The likes of Liverpool, Arsenal and Spurs don’t have the capability to compete with the Manchester clubs. It’s only really Chelsea that are able to do so, certainly financially speaking.

TV coverage of Premier League is wall-to-wall. Near enough every week there are three games on Sky Sports and sometimes a further two on ESPN; every weekend you can get highlights from the matches on Match of the Day and MOTD 2. Fans can’t really complain about a lack of TV coverage. Here’s my summary of the pros and cons for the Premier League.

Strong points:

  • The football is usually fast paced and incredibly exciting end-to-end stuff.
  • Every weekend you’re almost guaranteed a 4/5 goal thriller.
  • The ‘smaller’ teams are generally more competitive than those in Spain.
  • The inter-club rivalries and local derbies are intense in England.

Weak points:

  • Ticket prices can be very steep.
  • Supporters pay ever more higher prices at the turnstyles despite the game becoming awash with more and more cash.
  • The major honours seem to be more and more about the teams with money, and as a result they get richer and richer.

La Liga

El Clásico Real Madrid v BarcelonaIn my opinion La Liga is the best league in the world. Where else can you see the best team in the world play week in week out? Or perhaps the three best players in the world?

It’s also argued the two greatest players ever currently grace Spanish pitches in La Liga.

Sure it may be a two-horse race, but outside of Barcelona and Real Madrid there are still some very good teams. Atletico Madrid battered Champions League winners Chelsea 4-1 in recent times and Athletic Bilbao knocked Manchester United out of the Europa League last season.

Most people who complain La Liga are the ones who watch two games a year — both El Clásico’s — but don’t bother watching other games, such as when Valencia travel to Real Zaragoza. There are some great games outside of the ‘Big Two’, like last season when Valencia beat Malaga 4-3. How many people will say they watched that?

Also in La Liga last season, amazingly, Villarreal went down to the Second Division. Yeah, that’s right, the same Villarreal that played Manchester City in the Champions League in the same season. Villarreal in the 2010/11 season finished 4th. Now how many people think that Tottenham Hotspur are likely to go down this season? Not many. La Liga can be a very good league if people give it a chance.

Strong points:

  • Some of the best players in the world play here, such as Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Andres Iniesta and Xavi.
  • Technically speaking, the quality of football is of a very high standard.
  • Some of the finest managers in the world ply their trade in La Liga.

Weak points:

  • Fans don’t follow their team away, Atletico Madrid took just 12 fans to an away game last year. Yes, twelve!
  • The kick off times can be ridiculous with some games kicking off 11pm local time. This prompted fans to stage a pyjama protest at this seasons’ Malaga v Real Mallorca game.
  • Barcelona excluded, not many teams tend to produce their players via youth teams and academies.

What do you think? Is the English Premier League stronger than its Spanish counterpart?

Post written by Connor Parry
Twitter: @ConnorParry17

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