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This week, two of the main protagonists in the Coventry City saga revealed their latest financial accounts.

It set me thinking, what if those most affected in all of this, the fans, revealed the state of their books.

The emotional accounts of being a CCFC fanNot from a fiscal perspective but from what basis really matters to a football fan, from an emotional status. I got round to thinking they would read something like this.


Here this area of the business of being a Sky Blue fan has fared badly. Friends have been set against each other through their own personal choices during the relocation. Many fond acquaintances have been lost, often without the chance to say goodbye. The familiar face of a fellow season ticker holder. The drinking partners in the pre-match pub session. The mates whose only real social life was matchday. All so often taken for granted by football fans and now stripped away.

There is a saying, you can’t put on a price on friendship. So it is difficult to estimate the size of the hit taken here, but it is for sure, a massive one.


Sad to say, this is where the biggest loss has occurred. The proudest part of being a football fan is passing the baton on to your offsprings. Like the guarding of a legacy that was in turn bequeathed to you. But for those who have made the choice not to go to Northampton, how do you tell your children they won’t be going? If you do go, how do you explain why they are going to a town 35 miles away to watch a team not called after that place? So many impossible moral positions have replaced the finest principle of all, family togetherness. So in this area, we conclude the loss is infinite.


Money and materialism, of course do play a big part in life. For some more than others, as we’ve noticed. But purely from a cash perspective, not going to Sixfields can buy you a holiday or a decent PC due to the money saved that you would have previously spent on a home season ticket. But for a football fan, the outlay never really comes into it. It’s, as stated, the emotional perspective that counts. So while a lot of fans are in the black, it’s as in a dark place rather than fiscal clover.


This sector is being asked to make decisions about loss and gain that a football fan or any person simply shouldn’t have to make. About the ethics of the simple decision whether or not to attend a match. This had led to a previously close knit community being hugely fragmented. Local football, rugby, even shops have seen surges in numbers of Sky Blue refugees. I would suggest it is scrupulously wrong and demeaning to be trudging round a DIY shop come Saturday afternoon with your partner when your heart is somewhere else entirely. So this section is another suffering huge deficiency.


The accounts of being a CCFC fan have been made morally bankrupt by the immoral actions of other parties. There is talk of “ongoing concern” about the club’s future viability. Hardly surprising when a lot of those most concerned are shunted through the outdoor.

How I wish ACL and SISU would scrutinise these accounts of the heartbreak of being a City fan with the same tooth comb they use on their cash ledgers. They would find there is no price like the one of Sky Blue hurt being paid by thousands right now. Where the sanity of the thing we love the most is paying the debts of the logically unbalanced. So the sum of our loss is beyond calculation.

Hope the money driven are happy now.

Post written by Rob Summerfield
Blog: rob-summerfield.jimdo.com, Twitter: @RobSummerfield1

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