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In 2007, Coventry City were taken over by hedge fund, SISU Capital.

One of the conditions of the deal was, everyone who held a share in the club would hand it over, giving them total control.

A message to you, SISUSo even those with a token single share was forced to hand it over or we were told, the alternative was extinction. Naturally, compliance was total.

So before the unknown ownership quantity had even walked though the door, supporters had virtually been coerced into giving up the right to attend shareholders meetings, thus the owners from the outset had less accountability to the fans. It continued much the same, players were acquired then sold at profit with the proceeds disappearing into a financial black hole.

The club went through managers at pace, were relegated from the Championship, went on a Ricoh rent strike that saw them relocate to Northampton and the fanbase stripped bare. The training ground was remortgaged, and even a move back to the Ricoh saw any chance of ownership disappear as Wasps proved if you tend to want a commodity at a fair price, a deal can be done.

So once again supporters are protesting. This time live in front of Sky TV cameras against Swindon on January 12th. The main bone of contention is a further SISU promise that has failed to materialise. The bitter rent dispute saw them vow to build the club their own ground. Cue over eighteen months of stalling and waffle with not one acre of ground being purchased.

Add the vague statement, the mythical stadium will be somewhere in, the Coventry area” and you can see why fans are upset. Coventry City belongs inside the City walls of Coventry. That is a blindingly obvious fact but one SISU have trouble grasping. They are however good at taking people to court. They are taking legal action against the council for a ground they said they’d gave up on owning, for in the words of chairman, Tim Fisher, “That ship had sailed.”

You may be wondering where all the money for court action comes from. For instance SISU lost one case against the council last year, costing a couple of million in costs. Roughly around the amount the club sold star player Callum Wilson. You may draw your own conclusions.

A message to you, SISUFor all Coventry fans have, is the artists impression above of a project that is constantly subject to, “consultation.” The latest set of talking heads are a PR firm called Portland. One of their number is a chap called Alastair Campbell. You may remember him. Good at spin, makes big play of being a real Burnley fan. One wonders how he’d feel about his club being relocated outside the walls of the Lancashire town.

So its time to voice all these concerns in a protest headed by a key word, “GO.” That’s the simple message to SISU. Build a new ground within the City walls or get out of our club. Your bluff is being called. The time for talk is over, action not chat. We may be back home but the club is still on its knees. But supporters will not go quietly. You can find more info on the protest at Twitter site, @Sisuoutccfc

SISU will find it may have stripped our assets bare but the people from the City of the naked lady are not done yet. Nor will they be.

Post written by Rob Summerfield
Blog: rob-summerfield.jimdo.com, Twitter: @RobSummerfield1

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