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It was by Coventry City standards, an eventful transfer window.

That being a few bodies arrived through the in door, albeit one free transfer and yet more loan players.

Coventry City: On borrowed timeOdd in a way, in that a few weeks ago, owners SISU trumpeted a five point plan. A key factor was less reliance on loans. Instead it’s gone the other way.

Some have been classed as “emergency” loans. You wonder how proprietors that can spend vast amounts on seemingly endless court cases can request a short term acquisition of a player as an emergency. If they did it the other way around, it would be like spending huge sums of dosh on players while applying for legal aid. They’d be laughed at. As it is, SISU are playing the system quite nicely, aided and abetted as ever by the Football League.

But how long can it go on? The fan based Sky Blue Trust released results of a poll on the future of Coventry’s owners this week. 80% called on them to sell up and go. SISU still insist the club is not for sale. Despite the lack of investment on the playing side, they must be haemorrhaging money due to wages and running costs.

Gates have plummeted to low levels not seen since the early 60’s despite the Ricoh return as the club struggle in the basement of League One. Supporters have simply had enough. The fan base is fractured, hurt and bruised. But there is little doubt as seen by the Ricoh return turnout, it is still there should there be some encouragement of a bright future.

You have to ask why SISU would want to stay. What exactly in this black hole of debt, is in it for them? Kudos is a key factor for many football club owners. But taking a club from the Championship to the edge of League Two doesn’t exactly give you bragging rights in football executive lounges. Especially, if you are a hedge fund offering investment portfolios. It hardly looks good that your investment in contracted playing staff, bar loans, barely numbers enough to field a full side.

Of course, it is not just SISU that are responsible for the current plight of the Sky Blues. The City’s own Council have behaved in despicable fashion. There is a place to hold them to account, the ballot box. Coventry fans have already delivered their own poll verdict on Coventry’s owners. It says the hour glass is nearly full. Your borrowed time of loans card spin are over, Quite simply, its time to #Go.

Post written by Rob Summerfield
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