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In English football’s modern era,

The Big 4: Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal have ruled the top 4 spots.

How close are Tottenham Hotspur to winning the title?The emergence of Manchester City in 2010 increased that to the Big 5 and if a winner of the Premier League wasn’t one of those 5 teams, it would have been a huge surprise.

In a day and age where in the top 5 leagues, there’s usually 2 teams battling it for the title or 3 at max. In England things seem to be going in the opposite direction as more and more clubs have the financial power to bring in top quality managers, players and coaches and challenge for the title.

The Premier League had its own mini leagues, the battle for top 4, the battle for 5th and 6th, top half finishes and the relegation battle. From 2010, Tottenham have usually been in the battle for 5th/6th with Everton and whoever didn’t make it from the big 5.

Last year Leicester won the title which was the surprise of the century but for the 2nd year running, Tottenham have been presenting a strong challenge for the title. This is not just due to others around them slipping up or large strokes of luck, Tottenham play some of the best football in the league and have a great crop of English talent at the core of their team.

The emergence of Tottenham Hotspur into becoming a team to challenge for the title every year has not been a fluke or because teams around them have fallen off. Club executive Daniel Levy has a reputation to be a hard negotiator and even though Tottenham in the past have sold some of their best players, most notably Gareth Bale and Luka Modric, the team has reinvested very well and brought a group of top class players.

In 2007 they started the Northumberland Development Project to build a bigger, more modern stadium which was a clean indication of where the club was looking to go in the future. Their football scouting system should be praised for the emergence of Dele Alli, Eric Dier and Harry Kane to name a few.

Of course, other teams may have more successful youth teams but Tottenham have a culture within the club to not only scout but groom their young talents. The perfect mix of English and foreign talent, an actual team with multiple top class players, a coach who plays very attractive football and a structure at board level that looks out for the best interest of the fans and club, Tottenham Hotspur has all the ingredients to become a world class football club.

On route to finish 2nd this season and on their way to being an established team in the Premier League, Tottenham have certainly earned their status as part of the now Big 6 and may take one more big signing to give them the push needed to be Premier League champions.

Post written by Jonathan Roberts
Blog: missingstudsfootball.wordpress.com, Twitter: @missingstuds

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