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Exclusive football

It’s fantastic to see the growing volume of 3G pitches appearing in what the FA describe as urban areas.

This is all part of Greg Dyke’s England Commission where he has committed to increasing the amount of artificial pitches by 130% to more than 500 by 2020. (more…)


Has football gaming become a monopoly?

Rewind twenty or so years, to the adolescence of video gaming.

A very awkward stage in gaming’s life… (more…)


Advertising boards: an accident waiting to happen?

This could be my most outspoken idea yet, but isn’t it time we got rid of advertising boards?

I don’t mean ‘get rid of’ in the sense that no advertising should take place, but in a modern age where those crazy optical illusion things can be easily painted on touchlines, why not make them the norm instead of a novelty? I haven’t just run out of things to write about, nor am I trying to be awkward, and if you’re about to warn me against fixing things that aren’t broken then you’ve obviously never heard the story of Hrvoje Custic… (more…)


Goal-line technology gets the go-ahead

The decision to use goal-line technology in football has been strongly disputed by FIFA for years.

However, it seems that years of discussion and debate have come to an end and a new era is finally upon us. (more…)