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The script has been written for the last few seasons.

Arsene Wenger has to be replaced, because either he’s too old, or doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Arsenal: Replacing Arsene WengerThe media has fed into the Arsenal fanboy frustration of their club only finishing 4th. With that being said, from an outsider’s point of view it’s time for him to move on. He’s what 80 years old by now? All joking aside here’s four managers and one legend who should take over from the great man.

Pep Guardiola

Let’s face it just like his time at Barcelona, Pep will get sick of dominating another league, take another break and resurface somewhere else. Since Manchester United isn’t going to be open, Chelsea probably won’t open, and Manchester City doesn’t have the players who will want to change their system again. So Arsenal would be the best for him, and he seems like someone who would rather live in London rather than anywhere else. He could restructure the whole club from top to bottom. The key question is, would he be given enough time to change the squad?

Jurgen Klopp

Always says he’s never going to leave. Anytime a big team has a job opening, the press calls for him to take over. While it’s not known if he’s actually been approached to manage other clubs, it wouldn’t be a surprise if he has been. He’s the architect of the great run Dortmund has been on over the past several years. He could fit really well with Arsenal, with the money power to bring in a top player once a year, and continue the growth of developing young players from within.

Diego Simeone

He broke the stranglehold on La Liga by Barcelona and Real Madrid at the top, by winning the league last year. Also got to the Champions League Final. He can win with very little money, and losing his top players. Diego inspires respect, can develop a player into his system. He makes average players look great, and can get massive sums in the transfer window for them. The only problem is he doesn’t speak English, so there will be some issues with the media.

Roberto Martinez

He has had an amazing rise to the top of the profession in only ten years. He’s ticketed for bigger things. With his Spanish heritage he could be heading to La Liga eventually. He could look good taking over at Manchester City, or Chelsea. However, give him a couple years and give him Arsenal. Plays a very good style of football, and is very media friendly. Also Arsenal have American’s on their board, and are massive in the States, so Roberto would be a massive hire. He’s very well thought of in the States, and does television work in the US.

Thierry Henry

Arsene has been talking up Thierry to come back in some capacity in the transfer window in January, even though Thierry is on a free right now. Some people have been speculating on what type of role he’d have. Maybe Arsene is thinking of making him a coach, in thoughts to make him the successor in a couple of years. It would be really risky, and all we know of Thierry is how he is with the media and the great player he was.

Arsene probably won’t move for a couple of years. He’s got a few years left on his contract and he wants to win a title before he leaves. That’s easier said than done. With Chelsea back as a machine, and the spending power of Manchester City, the top two spots are locked in for a while. We’d also have to include Manchester United in the title race, even thought they have rebuilding to do. It may be well out of their reach at Arsenal.

Who would you choose to take over at the Emirates?

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Post written by Stephen Brandt, Twitter: @yellowcardSCB
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